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JDS vacuum driven road sweeper leads the new trend of no-water cleaning to reduce haze weather and improve environment. The vehicle uses vacuum suction technology, breathes garbage in instead of sweeping. Therefore, it cleans without water and dust flying, reaches PM2.0 emission standard. This vehicle series have technology leadership, owns dozens of patents for the invention. It has advantages of high sweeping efficiency, excellent cleaning performance, economizing brush and water, strong adaptation, economy efficiency. The cleaning result is evaluated by the remaining dust in order to improve the working quality and efficiency.

1.Vacuum suction cleaning, measuring performance by dust remaining
Using vacuum suction and flow airstream theory, vacuum-suction type cleaning, working without second dust flying, high working efficiency, PM2.0 emission standard, good method to measuring performance by dust remaining.
2.Cleaning without water, water economy and efficiency
Vacuum suction cleaning, without second dust flying, without spraying, water saving and time saving, reducing maintaining cost. It significantly increases working performance in the northern cold winter.
3. Patented device, thoughtful cleaning
Patented dust control brush, cleans corners and stickiness completely and no dust flying.
Patented dust control cover, dumps without dust flying and dust transfer
Patented leaves cleaning device, crushes leaves and branches. JDS vacuum driven road sweeper is an impressed tool in the season of leaves. It solves the problem of leaves cleaning and enhances the working efficiency in the fall.
4. Intelligence management, beneficiate operation
Equipped with intelligence management system, the manager monitors vehicle operating condition and cleaning quality at any time. The substandard road will be marked in the working path map to distinguish the quality issue between vehicle factor and human fault.
5. Fuel management, quantization performance
Upload fuel consumption data, it precisely measures fuel consumption of per hour and per kilometer, fuel filling location, fuel filling amount, abnormal behavior alarming, operational daily report, monthly report and annual report. Accurate fuel management prevents abnormal fuel loss. A sanitation team has been saved millions a year by this system.
6. Sludge cleaning series, combine suction and washing
Sludge cleaning & sprinkler vehicle is assembled with high pressure hoses, pulp sucking port, dry-wet switchover. It is especially used for high dust sludge road. The vehicle has the functions of sweeping as well as washing, which is more adapt to water road, sludge road and northern snow smelting road.
7. Professional model, personalized solution
Direct at complex materials and environment, offering personalized solution according to different situation. For example, vacuum driven road sweeper for dairy farm and light rail.
8. Simple structure, easy maintenance
Aviation panel, easy operation. Intelligence cleaning device, working without people. Self-cleaning and easy maintenance. 
9. Various options, platform management
Various options, order solutions and equipment according customers’ detail needs. The application of vacuum driven road sweeper is more flexible and convenient to give a way no longer worry about road cleaning.
Rolling brush: aim at large amount of stickiness garbage
Handle pipe: aim at corners that vehicle cannot reach
Magnet adsorption: aim at cleaning slag at industrial enterprises
Rear anti-collision: aim at vehicle that need crash proof
10. Various products, meet different needs

Depend on different working condition and budget, offers small, medium and large vehicle chassis.

2007 Extension and Application Gold Award of the 21th Shanghai Excellent Invention Tryout
2008 Shanghai High-tech Achievement transformation program
2009 Shanghai Torch Plan Promotion Project/The National Customers Satisfaction Service Star
2010 National Major Industry Revitalization and Technical Reform Special Reward/ the Winning Prize of the Second Shanghai Invention and Innovation/ Shanghai Technology Innovation Prize “The Research Project of Buffer and Crash Proof Side Suction Port”
2011 The Patent Award for Utility Model of the 6th Shanghai invention and innovation patent
2012 Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project/ Gold Award for the 7th International Invention Exhibition
2013 Shanghai Minhang Scientific and Technological Progress Prize/ 2013 Xinhua News Agency, Finding Chinese Creativity: Creative Product
2014 Excellent Product of Recycling and Low-carbon Construction for Transportation Enterprise/ Shanghai Smart Product/ International Carbon-value Award: Chinese Green Potential Growth Enterprise
2015 Excel Good and Innovation Product Prize of China City Environment Sanction Association

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