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With urbanization, the urban area is expanding, city residents have higher requirement about their living environment. City sanitation need rapid upgrade from the traditional manual cleaning to the efficient mechanized way, and from extensive cleaning to delicacy cleaning. At the same time, long term accumulation of pollution in our country in the recent year is finally broke out and have been closely watched. Road dust is the main reason of urban smog. It also has seriously effects on urban environment and city image. With leading hydro mechanical technology, JIAODASHENZHOU developed negative pressure of pure suction road cleaning. It is the revolution of road cleaning and leading road cleaning in a new trend. Also, in view of the municipal sanitation vehicle’s fuel consumption and operating quality management problem, through high precision, high efficiency online management, it creates the intelligent management platform for summarizing and analyzing job status, quality monitoring, fuel consumption, personal performance and operation information. It represents effective management level and trend.