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JDS5075TXC Vacuum driven road sweeper

Assembled on Jianghuai lightweight specialvehicle chassis, the vacuum driven road sweeper is especially designed for cleaningcity road and road corners. By vacuum-suction technology, the vehicle is strongpower, working with no dust flying, easy operation and good performance.Therefore, it cleans daily household garbage and spilled materials on the streetand highway efficiently. The optional patented dust control device reducesworking dust flying when dumping. Also, the optional operation qualitymanagement system achieves real time monitoring and intelligent management ofworking status.


Apply to: all kinds of main road andhighway, large and medium-size factories, industry zones, parks, schools, portsand harbors.

JDS5075TXC Vacuum driven road sweeper

New generation road sweeper, with fluiddynamic and vacuum-suction technology, the vehicle is fast cleaning withoutwater, sweeping cracks and corners thoroughly, reaching PM2.0 emission standard,no spraying and no dust flying. It is especially suitable for high dust, watershortage and frozen environment. The vehicle equipped with advancing operationquality management system, to monitors and manages working status and qualitywith innovation. It plays an important role to reduce hazy weather, beautifycity environment and control road dust flying.


Vacuum-suction, corners without dust

Use vacuum-suction technology to inlet airin the single way, equipped with the latest development patented clean brushes,the vacuum driven road sweeper has the capacity to clean road cracks andcorners efficiently. And it is water conservation and working with no dustflying.


Fine working, more flexibility 

Designed by the professional research team,considered with various cleaning conditions, the vacuum driven road sweeper isassembled with Nanqi special vehicle chassis, integrated with new vacuum-suctiontechnology, widely used in the main road, highway and street.


Intelligent cleaning, management supported

Open Internet + special vehicle new era,with intelligent vehicle sensor and remote monitoring management informationsystem, vacuum driven road sweeper monitors real time online job quality and dispatchesvehicles anytime, substantially optimizes road cleaning quality and efficiency.


Lightweight chassis, easy to maintain

Assembled on Jianghuai lightweight chassis,the vehicle is reliable and easy operating. High torque diesel engine iscost-effective and suitable for various city road. The whole vehicle and partsare easy to maintain to lower the cost.


Performance data

Vehicle size:

Body volume:

Vehicle weight:

Total weight

Working speed

Cleaning methodvacuum-suction

Diameter of collected dust:


Chassis data

Chassis manufacturer:

Chassis model:

Fuel type:

Engine version:

Engine power:

Engine capacity:

Emission standard:

Axle number:

Wheel base:

Axle load:

Front/ Rear overhang:

Approach/ Departure angle:

Permitted passenger:


Working efficiency    working weight     working area

Main suction port

Main suction port + single suction port

Main suction port + double suction port


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Cleaning speed and performance depends on thevarious road conditions.


The performance of this product isimproving. And we are sorry for not offering more information if is improved.

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