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JDS5163TXC LNG vacuum driven road sweeper (China V emissionstandard)

Assembled on Dongfeng LNG special vehiclechassis, the vacuum driven road sweeper is especially designed for cleaning citymain road, highway, street and corners. By vacuum-suction technology, thevehicle is strong power, working with no dust flying, easy operation and goodperformance. Therefore, it cleans daily household garbage and spilled materialson the street and highway efficiently. The optional patented dust controldevice reduces working dust flying when dumping. Also, the optional operationquality management system achieves real time monitoring and intelligentmanagement of working status.


Apply to: all kinds of main road andhighway, large and medium-size factories, industry zones, parks, schools, portsand harbors.

JDS5163TXC  LNG vacuum driven road sweeper (China V emissionstandard)

Energy conservation and emission reduction

Uses liquefied natural gas, totally meetsthe China V emission standard, and pollutes significantly lower than petrol anddiesel powered vehicles, the vacuum driven road sweeper does not exhaustsulfide and lead, which lower the emission of CO, HCs, NOx and etc.


Working efficiency 

With hydromechanics theory, the vacuumdriven road sweeper initially employs vacuum-suction technology instead ofsweeping, cleans more than 99% road garbage, include dust, bottles, leaves,rocks and so on. It works faster and longer, therefore, within a certaincondition, it is more efficient than tradition sweepers. It gives the guaranteefor evaluating working effect by dust collection of each ground.


Working without dust flying

Professional vehicle body design separatesgas and solid, joined with high-precision filtration system, the vehicle lowersthe dust emission to PM2.0. The patented dust control technology, largelyreduces the dust flying when dumping garbage. From sweeping to dumping, itrealizes no dusting flying in the overall process.


Water saving and power reducing

By vacuum-suction technology, without watertank and spraying system, the vacuum driven road sweeper adapts to watershortage area to reduce water usage and insure efficient cleaning. In thewinter frozen area, it still could work without water. Large vehicle body keepslonger working hours, increases energy efficiency and reduces energydissipation.


Intelligent management

Based on mechanization cleaning, initiallyput intelligent management forward, the vacuum driven road sweeper fully usessensor and Internet technology, to supervises operation, quantifies outcome,optimizes management in the entire cleaning process. It offers an efficient,convenient, scientific and quantitative guarantee for evaluating working effectby dust collection of each ground.



Performance data

Vehicle size:

Body volume:

Vehicle weight:

Total weight

Working speed

Cleaning methodvacuum-suction

Diameter of collected dust:


Chassis data

Chassis manufacturer:

Chassis model:

Fuel type:

Engine version:

Engine power:

Engine capacity:

Emission standard:

Axle number:

Wheel base:

Axle load:

Front/ Rear overhang:

Approach/ Departure angle:

Permitted passenger:


Working efficiency    working weight     working area

Main suction port

Main suction port + single suction port

Main suction port + double suction port


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Cleaning speed and performance depends onthe various road conditions.


The performance of this product isimproving. And we are sorry for not offering more information if is improved.

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