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Shanghai ShenZhou Vehicle Energy Saving & Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. relies on Jiao Tong University professor team, has years of research, design and manufacture experience on automobile machinery and power engineering. The company concentrates on technique breakthrough of environmental protection and energy saving vehicles and equipment and owns hundreds of patent technology. Also, the company has a series of advanced products such as vacuum driven road sweeper, air powered start-up system, fuel consumption measurement instrument and intelligence management system which are in the world leading level.

Hotline: 4006-081-080  

Tax: 021-54995721

Address: No.3 Chunshen Road 2328 Lane Zhang Mu Industrial Park, Shanghai, 201100

2007 Extension and Application Gold Award of the 21th Shanghai Excellent Invention Tryout
2008 Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Program
2009 Shanghai Torch Plan Promotion Project/The National Customers Satisfaction Service Star
2010 National Major Industry Revitalization and Technical Reform Special Reward
2011 The Patent Award for Utility Model of the 6th Shanghai Invention and Innovation Patent
2012 Gold Award for the 7th International Invention Exhibition
2013 Xinhua News Agency, Finding Chinese Creativity: Creative Product
2014 International Carbon-value Award: Chinese Green Potential Growth Enterprise
2015 Front-line Worker has the Honor of National Labor Medal
BUSINESS GOAL: Become Industrial Leader of Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Automobile technology
COMPANY SPIRIT: Insist on Innovation, undertake responsibility and self challenge