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JDS vacuum driven road sweeper

JDS vacuum driven road sweeper leads the new trend of no-water cleaning to reduce haze weather and improve environment. The vehicle uses vacuum suction 

technology, breathes garbage in instead of sweeping. Therefore, it cleans without water and dust flying, reaches PM2.0 emission standard. It has technology 

leadership, owns dozens of patents for the invention. It has advantages of high sweeping efficiency, excellent cleaning performance, economizing brush and 
water, strong adaptation, economy efficiency. The cleaning result is evaluated by the remaining dust in order to improve the working quality and efficiency.
JDS green energy road sweeper
JDS green energy road sweeper is based on pure suction technology, combined with energy-saving and environmental protection technology such as green energy, 
which lower the carbon emission of road cleaning. This vehicle model has obtained dozens of national patents.
JDS sludge cleaning & sprinkler vehicle
JDS sludge cleaning & sprinkler vehicle is invented initially in the nation and owns many patents. The vehicle cleans sludge effectively, falls temperature 
by spraying, easy maintain and cost effectively. It is suitable for cleaning sludge road after snow and rain. Also, it sprays to fall temperature and reduce 
dust in the fine day. The vehicle combines two functions into one.
Accessories & parts
In order to meet different needs, we offer various professional accessories, parts and consumables for the vehicles.